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  Fishing the Eleven Point River is an experience we believe provides the challenges and variety that excite anglers and will bring them back for more. Species that fishermen might find in a days fishing are rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel, goggle eye, or walleye. Most notably, the Eleven Point River holds one of the few Blue Ribbon Trout Areas in Missouri. This means the angler can challenge himself or herself in a way that you simply can’t at a trout park or other fisheries where trout are introduced straight from the hatchery. Though the blue ribbon area on the Eleven Point is stocked annually, these fish do grow wary quickly and become more challenging  to catch.

In addition, there is a modest level of natural reproduction providing a chance to catch a wild rainbow trout.

Another challenge the Eleven Point provides that many streams don’t, is the rivers designation as scenic and wild. This means limited access points. Also adding to the challenge on this river is its depth. Because the Eleven Point River runs deeper than most Ozark streams, wade fishing is difficult over long stretches of water. Boats are a must to effectively fish this river.


    The Eleven Point Canoe Rental can help make your fishing trip possible by renting the necessary water craft or shuttling your vehicle if you have your own boat. We also have a small fly and tackle shop for spin fishermen.
The shop includes flies, lures, bait and fishing accessories.


     The best way we can help the average angler on the Eleven Point River is through our guide service. We welcome fly fishermen and spin fishermen alike to board our hand crafted wooden MacKenzie drift boat to float and fish the Blue Ribbon Trout Area for a catch and release only trip. We can also fish the section of river that is stocked with trout regularly by the Missouri Department of Conservation. All trips will include transportation, instruction, a stream side lunch, and good company. We will do our best to tailor our trips to the needs of every angler who books a day on the water with us.

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Our Guide Profiles

Brian Sloss


Brian Sloss is co-owner of the Eleven Point Canoe Rental and has been guiding exclusively on the Eleven Point River since 2004. 

Brian has been fly fishing for well over 20 years and can handle fishing people from first time fishermen to the most advanced anglers. 

Brian Guides out of a hand-made wooden Mackenzie drift boat.  There is no one else who has logged more hours guiding fly anglers on the Eleven Point than Brian.  He prides himself on working as hard as possible to make your day on the water as productive and fun as possible.  His hope at the end of the day is that you have learned something new and in particular, that you have learned a lot about fishing the Eleven Point. 

For new fly fishers, Brian strives very hard to make your first experience positive and successful so that you will want to continue with the sport.

Brian also has a passion for the Eleven Point River that becomes evident during the course of the day fishing with him.  Conservation of this resource will probably come up a few times during the day. 

Catch and release is the order of the day on Brian’s trips, especially since a large number of his trips are in the blue ribbon trout area.  That being said, he does take trips into the white ribbon area as well, particularly when the fishing is hot there.

Please call us at the Eleven Point Canoe Rental to book a trip at (417)778-6497.





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 John Ikonomou


John has been guiding for the Eleven Point Canoe Rental since 2007, and he has been fishing the river since 2005.  John has guided fly fishermen exclusively for fifteen years in Missouri, Arkansas and Montana. 

The Eleven Point is definitely one of his favorite places to guide and fish and believes it is “hands down” the best river to fish in Missouri. 

The solitude, quality and size of the fish and the chance of some wild fish are a combination John loves and enjoys showing clients. 





He knows if he can show clients a day on the Eleven Point, they will be back for more.  John is laid back, patient, and can definitely put you on fish.  Also, the instruction John provides to fishermen is top notch, so you can count on learning a thing or two.

Guide trips with John are in a fiberglass John boat.  If you would like to spend a day with John on the Eleven Point, please call (417)778-6497 and ask for his services, you won’t be disappointed.



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Chris Gates

Chris is an experienced guide who has fished throughout the West and Alaska.
He has guided on multiple Ozark Rivers over the past 6 years.
An avid bow hunter and National Outdoor Leadership School alumni.
Chris has a passion and affinity for the outdoors, which at times in the fall, makes it difficult to get him out of the tree stand and into the rowers seat.
A talented oarsmen, he will put you in position to have an enjoyable and memorable experience on the water.

Over the years, he has learned how, where, and when to fish Ozark waters.
Adept at nymphing or throwing streamers, Chris will employ every technique necessary to put fish in the boat.He enjoys putting friends and clients on fish more than he enjoys catching them himself. A trait necessary to be a great guide.


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Jeff Trigg


Jeff Trigg enjoys every minute on the water, whether it's on the local tail waters in search of a large predatory brown trout or chasing smallmouth on the smaller streams in the Ozarks.
  He works well with anglers of all skill levels and his goal is to always teach his clients new ways and techniques to catch the fish of a lifetime.
Active in the local fly fishing community, Jeff is a member of the Federation of Flyfishers, Trout Unlimited and past president of Capital City Flyfishers.
He is also a certified casting instructor through the FFF and the sales rep for Towee Boats in Arkansas and Missouri.

Fishing Guide Rates 1 full day for 1 or 2 people $350, 1/2 day $250

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Some of the fish caught here on the Eleven Point River





Regardless of whether you take a guided trip with us or intend to fish on your own, please feel free to stop by and get advice or give us a fishing report. We always love hearing from fishermen and exchanging stories.

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Fishing Guide Rates 1 full day for 1 or 2 people $350, 1/2 day $250

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The Eleven Point Canoe Rental is a licensed outfitter with the USDA Forest Service